I cannot express enough accolades on the product and the people

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I have been associated with Enlightened Therapies for approx 13 years. I started with the ENAR device,which was a big gamble, cost wise, at that time,and discovering the benefits my clients claimed they received, i then purchased the SCENAR device. After completeing the 3 levels [...]

ET NEWS – now Ritm Scenar Distributors

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Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd are pleased to announce we are again full Ritm Scenar Distributors in Australia and authorised to market the World!   ET continues to supply and support the ENAR and Scenar Expert Blue Pro, PLUS, every other available Ritm Scenar device and accessory. [...]

Scenar Intl Conference 2016

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Paul and Colleen Keetley were pleased to be invited and welcomed at the Scenar Intl Conference 2015 at Tweed Heads this month by the Scenar Therapists Assoc of Australia and by Ritm Scenar incl CEO Yury Starovoytov . Paul addressed the entire group about the start [...]

New Year 2015 Scenar Therapist Offers

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 Scenar Therapy Blue Expert Pro is specially packaged with ENAR, the research proven Scenar, in an exclusive therapist training and equipment package in 2015. Total Price $4990. Save $1650,  and receive World's favourite Scenar Expert Blue Pro practitioner device with Level One Certificate Live Training, PLUS, the [...]

Dylan’s hand testimonial

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Hi Colleen, Dylan who is sixteen, injured his hand at Martial Arts twelve months ago. Someone accidentally trod on his hand during class and because his fingers were bent at the time, caused considerable damage. He couldn't straighten his fingers and had many procedures to [...]

Paracetamol is Placebo in Back Pain study

By |2014-08-22T11:22:12+10:00August 20th, 2014|News|

The most common pain reliever for back pain, paracetamol, does not work any better than a placebo, according to a new study published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet. Guidelines around the world recommend that doctors treat back pain with paracetamol, but the George [...]

Scenar Pro ­ ET expert Live Training 2016

By |2016-06-28T16:57:40+10:00July 4th, 2014|Latest News, Training|

Scenar Expert Blue Pro, the world's favourite true Scenar Practitioner device, has the very best Scenar Pro Certificate trainings again through 2015 around Australia and New Zealand. Enlightened Therapies initiated ENAR and Scenar Pro Therapy and Training by bringing to Australia the original English and Russian [...]

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