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Scenar Level One Training Sydney 22-24 July

Yes just scheduled –

Scenar Level One Training Sydney 22-24 July and Scenar Level Two Training Sydney Aug @0-22

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I cannot express enough accolades on the product and the people

I have been associated with Enlightened Therapies for approx 13 years. I started with the ENAR device,which was a big gamble, cost wise, at that time,and discovering the benefits my clients claimed they received, i then purchased the SCENAR device. After completeing the 3 levels of learning with ET and 2 advance training seminars under DR Gerd Raetzel, my understanding of how the body was able to resolve situations, grew. As my confidence grew i then worked in a number of clinics obtaining many referrals from other therapists when they have been unable to achieve a suitable outcome for their client. Word of mouth continues from clients who have been amazed with the results received after “giving up” with unsuccessful other clinical treatments and doctors medications.
mike-daly-2  have dealt with at Enlightened Therapies and recommend to anyone considering obtaining an ENAR/SCENAR device…your health and that of your clients “could’nt be in better hands” – Mike Daly…Sports Therapist and SCENAR therapist NSW

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New Address

New Address

PO Box 3130
Austinmer NSW 2515
30 Park St Coledale NSW 2515


Phone: +61 2 4268 2222

Toll Free Australia: 1300 305 107

Toll Free New Zealand: 0800 555 755

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ABC 4 Corners Program – “Wasted”


ABC 4 Corners discloses waste in many medical (incl back painoperations. Little evidence of efficacy and increased dangers 

ABC 4 Corners Program – “Wasted” 

When we head to the GP most of us assume “the doctor knows best”. But the truth is, many of the scans, tests and procedures ordered by medical practitioners are wasteful, unnecessary and potentially harmful.

“What do you think would be the reaction of the average person in the street if they knew what you knew?

“Well, I think they’d be quite alarmed.” Health Economist

Healthy people are needlessly being turned into patients with tests and scans leading to treatments which at best have no effect, and at worst, cause harm.

“The surgery doesn’t seem to affect the outcome any more than if you did a pretend surgery.” Leading Clinician

“Patients are receiving care that is sometimes ineffective and sometimes unsafe.” Health Economist

And it’s costing us a fortune:

“You know we’re just wasting hundreds of millions of dollars sending people off for unnecessary tests and exposing them to unnecessary radiation.” Health Researcher

In this special edition of Four Corners, guest reporter Dr Norman Swan reveals the real story behind the malaise in the Australian health system. A malaise driven by waste, rather than a lack of money.

“Increases in health care costs have been driven a little bit by (the) ageing of the population, a little bit by increases in the costs of technologies, but the largest drivers are over diagnosis and over treatment.” Health Researcher

Focussing on four common health complaints – back pain, knee pain, chest pain and prostate testing – Dr Swan shows how the cost to patients and taxpayers is escalating. Analysis by Four Corners found billions of dollars being squandered and more than a hundred inappropriate tests and procedures receiving Medicare rebates.

“We’re headed for a tsunami of over diagnosis.” Health Researcher

And as one interviewee explains, part of the answer lies with the public:

“If people knew that health interventions, tests and treatments were not going to deliver benefit, I think they might make different choices.” Head of medical oversight body

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ET NEWS – now Ritm Scenar Distributors

Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd are pleased to announce we are again full Ritm Scenar Distributors in Australia and authorised to market the World!SCENAR_Pro_family3-600x400-1

ET continues to supply and support the ENAR and Scenar Expert Blue Pro, PLUS, every other available Ritm Scenar device and accessory. New website in construction but any desired product is now available through ET. Please phone 1300 305 107.  Colleen Keetley has just passed muster with Ritm OKB senior Russian Trainers to supply accredited training as well. Also Therapist Agents are welcome, with full support and remuneration packages from ET on offer,

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Scenar Intl Conference 2016

Paul and Colleen Keetley were pleased to be invited and welcomed at the Scenar Intl Conference 2015 at Tweed Heads this month by the Scenar Therapists Assoc of Australia and by Ritm Scenar incl CEO Yury Starovoytov . Paul addressed the entire group about the start of Scenar in Australia including its historic first International Conference created by ET in 2006 (pic) and also spoke in-depth with Ritm Scenar senior management about Scenar past and future.Scenar Conference '06 group

Colleen was acknowledged for her pioneering Scenar research project with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and for many other precedents including the first New Zealand and Australian Scenar training conferences and first Scenar Sports Training. Colleen is a Certified Scenar Practitioner Trainer and of course she conducts ENAR basic Day One and Therapist Day Two training all over Australia and New Zealand.

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New Year 2015 Scenar Therapist Offers

Happy-New-Year-2015-flying-colorful-balloons Scenar Therapy Blue Expert Pro is specially packaged with ENAR, the research proven Scenar, in an exclusive therapist training and equipment package in 2015.

ScenarFreeENAR copy

Total Price $4990. Save $1650,  and receive World’s favourite Scenar Expert Blue Pro practitioner device with Level One Certificate Live Training, PLUS, the ENAR Therapy System device, with both ENAR Basic and ENAR Therapist Live Training Days.

The Scenar Expert Blue Pro is still the favourite SCENAR Expert device in the World. Favoured because of its more ergonomic shape and reliable warranty with ET’s free device replacement and support services. The Scenar Expert Blue Pro empowers you to precisely find, measure and treat complex and difficult cases. Enlightened Therapies developed world leading personalised practitioner training that incorporates the Raetzel Dynamic method in your Scenar Pro Level One Certificate Training.

The ENAR Therapy System, the World’s research proven Scenar device, is very powerful yet small and ideal to use as a massage style therapy device empowering both therapists and personal users to find and treat many types of painful, dysfunctional problems. ENAR Live Certificate Day 1 and Day 2 trainings are included in your Scenar Expert Blue Pro package and this ensures you are fully competent and confident in using the tactile and most effective treatment strategy.

Call us at Enlightened Therapies on 1300 305 107


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Dylan’s hand testimonial

Hi Colleen,

Dylan who is sixteen, injured his hand at Martial Arts twelve months ago. Someone accidentally trod on his hand during class and because his fingers were bent at the time, caused considerable damage. He couldn’t straighten his fingers and had many procedures to try to solve the problem. He had 5 MRIs, 2 X-rays, 2 EMGs, which meant he had to travel to Wollongong 9 times to see Specialists, and 3 times to Sydney. He was told he had Focal Dystonia and that it was incurable.

His Chiropractor suggested he come and have Sceanr Pro treatments with me to see if I could help.
I treated him on the 1st of August 2014, as the first photo shows and he couldn’t straighten his hand out. I treated his Central Nervous System, Cranial Therapy,and worked on his C7, T1 and T2, down his arm and hand.

The next two photos which where taken after the second treatment on the 7th of August 2014.The fact that he could straighten his hand after the Neurologist said his condition was incurable, was rewarding. I took a video after the second treatment and another one after the third treatment, his family is delighted with the result.

Sue Mison –  Scenar Therapist

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Paracetamol is Placebo in Back Pain study

Paracetamol article

The most common pain reliever for back pain, paracetamol, does not work any better than a placebo, according to a new study published in the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet.

Guidelines around the world recommend that doctors treat back pain with paracetamol, but the George Institute for Global Health in Sydney conducted a trial after being unable to find good scientific evidence that paracetamol was effective.

Their trial involved 1,600 people who had recently been diagnosed with acute back pain.

One group received a placebo, another was told to take paracetamol as needed and a third received regular extended-release paracetamol three times a day.

“Surprisingly we found that it didn’t really matter whether you gave people a placebo, paracetamol or time-contingent regular paracetamol, there was no difference in any of the outcomes,” said Professor Chris Maher who led the study.

“It didn’t speed time to recovery; it didn’t improve their pain; it didn’t improve their disability.”

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Scenar Pro ­ ET expert Live Training 2016

Posted on by Guy

Scenar Expert Blue Pro, the world’s favourite true Scenar Practitioner device, has the very best Scenar Pro Certificate trainings again through 2015 around Australia and New Zealand. Enlightened Therapies initiated ENAR and Scenar Pro Therapy and Training by bringing to Australia the original English and Russian and US physicians. ET then developed several in-depth training programs for both ENAR and Scenar Pro practitioners including Scenar Pro Certificate Training at Levels 1,2, and 3, and also developed several Australian Scenar trainers to deliver these courses. Most recently Dr Gerd Raetzel evolved the traditional training with his “Dynamic Approach” which is incorporated with This Certificate Trainings, along with “Classic Scenar”

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