Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scenar Expert Pro?

The Scenar Expert Pro is a hand-held electro-neuro nerve energy stimulator and regulator. The Scenar Pro is an interactive therapy device, usually for practitioner use, designed to prompt nerve enervation or firing, to promote pain relief and functional restoration. The “S” styled Scenar logo is a trademark  belonging to Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd (Australia)

How does Scenar Expert Pro Therapy work?

Scenar Expert Pro technology interactively stimulates the body working with Reflex Bio-feedback to find and treat ‘Asymmetries’. These asymmetries are signs of difference that indicate nerve energy problems associated with injury, pathology and disease. The Scenar Pro’s interactive therapeutic stimulation process fuses ‘Bio-feed-back’ and ‘Bio-feed-forward’ in a ‘real time’ dialogue with the nervous system to prompt these faulty or unfavourable areas to return to a naturally healthy state. Ultimately there are two common explanations for the SCENAR’s therapeutic effectiveness. The Bio-Chemical explanation suggests the Scenar Pro prompts the release of neuro–peptides, generating a cascade of natural healing hormones. The Bio-Energetic view suggests the ENAR clears and regulates neuro-energy-pathways and so restores the flow of energy and information, and this facilitates both the pain relief and healing. Perhaps both these bio-paradigms are acceptable.

How does it feel?

As the Scenar Expert Pro device is moved over the surface of the skin a tingling sensation is felt. In cases of severe pain or acute conditions, the sensations may be stronger. Power level is then adjusted to suit the person’s sensitivity.  Patients often report that they experience an almost immediate reduction in pain and often express that they feel “relieved, relaxed and energized” after a treatment session. Some symptoms may exacerbate (get worse or more painful) for a short period (24-48 hours).


SCENAR Therapist Expert Training

The SCENAR Expert or Blue Professional device requires adequate training to use it effectively. Enlightened Therapies have an ongoing commitment to training and support. SCENAR Therapist Certificate Training is provided in three distinct levels. Each level requires three days of continuous workshop training, together with subsequent case studies before the Certificate is issued.

Scenar Expert Pro Therapist Training Programs

On-line Discussion Forums

We offer web based discussion forums for Scenar Expert Pro owners and therapists. Forum members can post questions and also share their experiences with instructors and fellow users.

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On-going Help-line

If you have any questions at any stage about your Scenar Expert Pro device or the services on offer you can phone in Australia on 1300 305 107 or in New Zealand on 0800 555 755. These are manned by staff trained to an advanced level on both the ENAR and Scenar Pro devices who will be happy to talk through your individual questions.


24 months replacement warranty (not new for old), after that, repairs at cost. After 24 months you can buy a new replacement Scenar Expert Pro or ENAR at half the retail price when you trade-in your old Scenar Expert Pro or ENAR.

Who are Enlightened Therapies?

Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Australian couple Paul and Colleen Keetley. Since its start in 2000, they pioneered Scenar technology, therapy and training into Australia and remain at the forefront of its development. They are also the sole authorised manufacturer/distributor and legal sponsors responsible for compliance, marketing, training, technical support, and warranty coverage of the ENAR (R) Therapy System devices worldwide.