I have been associated with Enlightened Therapies for approx 13 years. I started with the ENAR device,which was a big gamble, cost wise, at that time,and discovering the benefits my clients claimed they received, i then purchased the SCENAR device. After completeing the 3 levels of learning with ET and 2 advance training seminars under DR Gerd Raetzel, my understanding of how the body was able to resolve situations, grew. As my confidence grew i then worked in a number of clinics obtaining many referrals from other therapists when they have been unable to achieve a suitable outcome for their client. Word of mouth continues from clients who have been amazed with the results received after “giving up” with unsuccessful other clinical treatments and doctors medications.

I  have dealt with at Enlightened Therapies and recommend to anyone considering obtaining an ENAR/SCENAR device…your health and that of your clients “could’nt be in better hands” – Mike Daly…Sports Therapist and SCENAR therapist NSW