Scenar Expert Pro for Therapist Use

Thank you for your interest in using the Scenar Pro as a therapist

In the realm of holistic health care and electro energetic medicine, the Scenar Expert Pro is an important leader in this field demonstrating an unusual ability to achieve pain relief goals and functional rehabilitation very quickly.

The Scenar Expert Pro Professional is the practitioner level SCENAR therapy device which enables therapists to work easily and quickly, yet deeply and precisely, on painful  dysfunctional problems of many types.

Therapists who begin using the Scenar Expert Blue Pro  Professional are usually surprised by its speed and efficacy. Apart from the fast relief of many types of pain, Scenar Expert Pro therapists soon realize that, as the pain is reduced, the physiological functionality is often improved simultaneously. These sometimes dramatic and often sustained results are the byproduct of working interactively with the body’s neural responses. This type of therapeutic intervention is compatible with almost any other type of therapy, however it is recommended that you also try Scenar Blue Pro as a stand-alone treatment regime to assess its effects.

In the realm of holistic health care and electro energetic medicine, the SCENAR, and its little brother the ENAR, are important leaders in these fields demonstrating an unusual ability to achieve rehabilitation goals very quickly.

N.B. Some painful problems may briefly exacerbate (ie get worse) soon after a course of SCENAR treatment begins.  and, as always, IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST, REFER TO YOUR DOCTOR

SCENAR Therapist Certificate Level One Training is conducted regularly and is included in the purchase or lease price of the Scenar Professional in Australia and New Zealand…

Scenar Expert Pro Treatment Procedure

After an initial history taking and a complaint description, Scenar Pro treatment will be performed using an individualized digital assessment according to the patient’s needs. Readings are taken that may indicate the most appropriate areas and Keypoints for therapy. Progressive readings can be a part of the treatment process indicating where and how much therapy can be useful on Keypoints. Although these areas may not seem to directly relate to the obvious symptoms often they will be showing distinctive signs as Keypoints and referred points. (PIC)

By treating these ‘Keypoints’, a ‘dynamic’ or change is generated and nerve innervation and response is prompted and the pain relief and rehabilitation process may be facilitated.

An initial Scenar Pro treatment can take up to one hour, however treatment time for acute/active painful problems can be as short as ten minutes.

People with electronic implanted devices should NOT receive ENAR therapy

What is the major difference between the ENAR and the Scenar Expert Pro for therapy?

The ENAR is a smaller and somewhat limited version of the Professional Expert device, which is the more precise form of the ENAR’s technology. The Professional device enables the therapist to more precisely locate, monitor and manage the treatment process more effectively than the ENAR because of its on-board digital assessment and treatment management processes. The Professional device therapist’s initial Level 1 Practitioner training ensures that therapists can work with digital readings and different protocols on more difficult and complex disorders

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