Scenar Expert Pro

The Scenar Pro is the larger practitioner version of the ENAR therapy device. The Scenar Pro uses the very same reflex bio-feedback electro-energetic therapy as the ENAR, an interactive, computer-modulated energy-neuro-stimulation, to relieve pain, and so help reduce disability and improve functionality.

Scenar Pro – Expert Training

Enlightened Therapies initiated and developed several in-depth training programs for both ENAR and Scenar Pro practitioners including Scenar Pro Certificate Training at Levels 1,2, and 3, and also developed several Australian Scenar trainers to deliver these courses.

Raetzel Advanced DVDs

Dr Gerd Raetzel’s Dynamic Approach two DVD set for training is included with the device when supplied in Australia by Enlightened Therapies.

Why Enlightened Therapies?

Enlightened Therapies, with Paul and Colleen Keetley, are the premier organisation for Scenar in Australia as well as in the Southern Hemisphere. After pioneering exposure to Scenar in Australia in the 90′s, ET was fortunate to become the creator of the genuine ENAR Therapy device, focusing on research and training before becoming the distributor of RITM Scenar products in 2001. ET has created the training, credibility, research and support to engender confidence in Scenar in Australia. You can now buy Scenar online.

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