The Scenar Pro is the larger practitioner version of the ENAR therapy device. The Scenar Pro uses the very same reflex bio-feedback electro-energetic therapy as the ENAR, an interactive, computer-modulated energy-neuro-stimulation, to relieve pain, and so help reduce disability and improve functionality. The Scenar Pro allows a higher degree of precision in therapy by using a digital assessment, monitoring and managing option, and a larger variety of settings.

Scenar Pro Blue Professional

The Scenar Pro Blue Professional is the very much preferred and more popular practitioner device in Europe and Australia. The Scenar Pro creates an interactive dialogue with the body, finding, and measuring, and treating painful problem areas through the skin. Scenar (Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) was developed in Russia during the space race era and today it is now used around the World as a medical electro therapy modality with many applications.

Enlightened Therapies has become again a FULL Ritm Scenar device and accessory Distributor. All Ritm Scenar products are now available, warranted, and supported by ET so feel free to deal with Australia’s most experienced Scenar Therapy people.


Scenar Pro – Electro Energetic Theory

The theory of electro-energetic therapy is that our health relies on the continuous exchange of neuro information and energy within the body. Each and every function of the body is interrelated and works in harmony with other functions – that is until painful stress, injury or disease disrupts that communication and energy pathway. The Scenar Pro interacts with neural functions of the body through direct contact on the skin, tuning into the body’s inner nerve and energy responses, and understanding the body’s changing response to the interactive Scenar Pro’s impulse signals. The Scenar Pro responds to these responses with further electrical impulses that innervate and communicate with the nervous system, to stimulate the body’s own regulatory process, prompting the body to respond. The interactive process used by the Scenar Pro is called ‘Reflex Biofeedback’, which is an ongoing, reflex conversation that proceeds at real-time, in biological speed and requires no conscious mental activity.

Scenar Pro – Accelerates and Enables

The Scenar Pro is purposed to relieve pain and so facilitate functionality. The Scenar Pro is credited with reducing recovery times. An introductory three day basic training course based on Dr Gerd Raetzel’s Dynamic Approach rapid response training is included with the device when supplied in Australia by Enlightened Therapies.

Scenar Pro – Individualised Assessment and Treatment

In assessment mode, the Scenar Pro precisely locates and digitally monitors the patient’s keypoint areas with digital readouts. The treatment interaction is done automatically as the device is stationed on the problem points, and the Scenar Pro signifies the various levels of interaction, IR (Initial reaction)/Dose/Zero, which means each treatment is individually personalised, based on the particular responses generated at that keypoint site and time. The device is equipped with numerous settings and modes which, combined with the basic interactive function of the system, ensures the body is individually stimulated to prompt changes, and so the body does not easily adapt to the treatment, as it may be prone to with some other therapy. Responsiveness to Scenar Pro treatment and improvement is often apparent from the first treatment.

Scenar Pro – Research So Far

Western University Research at the required levels for Western Regulatory approvals is sparse so far on the Scenar Pro, but Western clinical experience is very encouraging. The anecdotal experience of practitioners around the world, including Enlightened Therapies own clinical experience, and the results of the several hundred of Enlightened Therapies Scenar Pro trainees, suggests impressive results in the treatment of a variety of painful conditions. Many sorts of trauma-related painful disorders seem particularly responsive to Scenar Pro treatment.

Scenar Pro – by Enlightened Therapies

Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd was the legal Australian importer, sponsor, distributor and supplier of the Scenar Pro having pioneered the technology in Australia in the early 2000s, and ET developed and delivers both basic and advanced accredited training. Enlightened Therapies has supplied Scenar Pro Devices and training for just on 16 years. Enlightened Therapies listed the ENAR and Scenar Pro on the Australian Register of Australian Goods (ARTG). The registration listing number for the Enlightened Therapies original Scenar Pro Blue Professional device was ARTG 101783. Currently that ARTG listing has lapsed as Enlightened Therapies currently (2021) only provides refurbished Scenar Pro devices. These are still warranted and supported by Enlightened Therapies and both our ENAR and Scenar Pro certificate training courses are listed for CPI development credits in multiple medical and therapeutic modalities. Please call ET on + 61 2 4268 2222 for service and support.

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