Scenar Therapy Patient Information  

What conditions can Scenar Pro therapy treat?

In Scenar Therapy, many health practitioners currently use the device as their principle instrument of treatment for painful problems. The device is used on most types of painful problems especially musculoskeletal or soft tissue disorder or injury. In particular conditions involving painful physiological dysfunction may be treated. The SCENAR is often credited with often reducing recovery times.

What about my conventional treatment?

The therapist prefers that your doctor knows you are receiving this treatment. It is hoped that any nonessential drugs may be reduced or eliminated over time and your doctor will need to be involved with those decisions.

Is Scenar Pro safe?

As Scenar impulse is similar to endogenous nerve impulses, it is non-damaging. However people with Cardiac Pacemakers are NOT recommended to have Scenar treatment. (N.B. Pregnant women are NOT usually treated in the West). Practitioners generally expect to get indications of progress quickly and if not you will be referred back to your medical professional for further consultation. N.B. Some painful problems may briefly exacerbate (ie get worse) soon after a course of SCENAR treatment begins. NB – If symptoms persist, refer to your doctor.

Scenar Pro Treatment Procedure

After an initial history taking and a complaint description, Scenar Pro treatment will be performed using an individualized digital assessment according to the patient’s needs. Readings are taken that may indicate the most appropriate areas and Keypoints for therapy. While the Scenar is placed or run over the spine, abdomen or affected area, a gentle tingling/stroking sensation will be felt. Although these areas may not seem to directly relate to the obvious symptoms often they will be showing distinctive signs as Keypoints and referred points. (PIC)

By treating these ‘Keypoints’, a ‘dynamic’ or change is generated and nerve innervation is prompted and the pain relief and rehabilitation process may be facilitated. The initial treatment can take up to one hour, however treatment time for acute/active painful problems can be as short as ten minutes.

How often will I need a treatment?

Scenar Treatments are usually more frequent at the beginning of a course of treatment. As one’s condition improves the frequency of treatment can be reduced. This is particularly true of Acute painful problems that respond well to more intensive and frequent treatments. Chronic problems may require a more measured and gentler treatment regime. A course of treatments will vary greatly from individual to individual, and will depend on such factors as the stage and the type of painful problem, the person’s age, overall state of health, life-style, and so on. In-clinic treatments can sometimes be well complemented by home use of the ENAR ® Personal Scenar device for self-treatment.

What other things may help my treatment

Also, a period of passive time of lying in the Energy Blanket may be included to complement your Scenar treatment. The Blanket may either help prepare for, or help to support, the Scenar &/or ENAR ® treatments.Also, a personal level device, the ENAR ® Therapy device may be recommended as apart of the Scenar treatment regime. Clients are able to rent or buy an ENAR ® to help to sustain recommended level of treatment.

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