Buy Scenar in Australia from Enlightened Therapies

Enlightened Therapies, with Paul and Colleen Keetley, are the premier organisation for Scenar in Australia as well as in the Southern Hemisphere. After pioneering exposure to Scenar in Australia in the 90′s, ET was fortunate to become the creator of the genuine ENAR Therapy device, focusing on research and training before becoming the distributor of RITM Scenar products in 2001. ET has created the training, credibility, research and support to engender confidence in Scenar in Australia. You can now buy Scenar online.

The SCENAR 97.4+ SCENAR BLUE/EXPERT PRO is very much the accepted industry standard worldwide and is ARTG listed by Enlightened Therapies Pty Ltd (ARTG 101783). Buy Scenar of manufacturing quality and be sure that all hardware/software are current RITM standard.

ENAR Therapists, therapists of Scenar in Australia and personal device users in Australia and New Zealand, enjoy a number of unique benefits when they buy Scenar from Enlightened Therapies, the Australasian leaders of this remarkable technology.

LEGAL – You can feel safe when you buy Scenar and ENAR from ET. ET’s SCENAR Expert PRO and ENAR Therapy System devices were first listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) by Enlightened Therapies and ET is still the Legal Sponsor for ENAR Therapy devices as we are the manufacturer, and can guarantee service, support, training, accessories and warranty.

TRAINING – ET’s SCENAR Expert PRO and ENAR Personal in Australia purchased through Enlightened Therapies, and supplied with ET Training, qualifies you for INSURANCE &/or PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POINTS – for your modality of Scenar in Australia.

INSURANCE – Certified Training of Scenar in Australia approved by ET and SCENAR Training (International) qualifies for IICT membership and OAMPS Therapist / Public Liability Insurance.

When you buy Scenar, you will get UNIQUE LIVE TRAINING with Scenar in Australia and ENAR by our own ET trained trainers. ET’s current Therapist Trainers Colleen Keetley, Serena Kaye and Alice Pitt all get the very highest of praise consistently in ET’s own unique training programs for Scenar and ENAR in Australia.

Apart from world leading LIVE Pro Training for Scenar in Australia (International). Video based Seminars are available with ET’s Dr Gerd Raetzel, and Zoom training with Colleen Keetley who maintains her currency with any new Russian Training Programs.

ET’s TRAINING RESOURCES (incl DVDs) are both the leading and highest rated by Pro Therapists of Scenar in Australia.

When you buy Scenar, you will get:

FREE Continuous Access to Enlightened Therapies for personalised training, service and support in Scenar in Australia including ET’s marketing resources: cards, brochures, etc.

FREE Continuous Help Lines for therapists and patients of Scenar in Australia for current advice

FREE Phone Australia-wide 1300 305 107, and New Zealand 0800 555 755 if you have questions after you buy Scenar..

  • REFERRALS Service from Enlightened Therapies for ENAR and Scenar in Australia to ET trained therapists.
  • MARKETING Resources and assistance for ENAR and Scenar in Australia are available to help you succeed.
  • SALES AGENT REWARDS for ENAR, Scenar Expert Pro, InfraBed and Energy BioBlanket sales to personal users and therapists.
  • ENAR PERSONAL DEVICE which is still the only Western University RCT trials research proven and reliable Personal device, is available for loan, rental or sale to patients for home use, and this can augment treatments of Scenar in Australia.
  • FULL SERVICE included with ET’s Unique Replacement Warranty should something go wrong with your device for Scenar in Australia.

As you see, Enlightened Therapies is not about supplying Scenar in Australia products, training and services in isolation. Rather, ET is fully committed to ensuring you are confident, competent, supplied and supported as a fully fledged member of the growing ‘ ET family’ of Professional Scenar Pro and ENAR Therapists and users after you buy. ET has the unblemished record in Scenar in Australia.

ET are the pioneers and leaders in Scenar in Australia, including training. Scenar Expert Pro is more accepted within Australia and New Zealand because Enlightened Therapies have established it legally, professionally and supported it overall. ET has developed widespread understanding of Scenar in Australia amongst therapists, home users, and medical professionals by fostering only the best of Scenar Expert Pro and ENAR research, credibility and practice.