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Relieve Pain &
Facilitate Function

Infrabed Core Activation Therapy

Feeling old? cold, weary, achey, painy, feeble, flat and unable? Reactivate your self by raising Core Temperature – Drive out the damp, and cold from the body and its systems because…Warm bodies work better! We Guarantee “Feeling Better + Moving Better”

Enlightened Therapies here in June – INFRABED® THERAPY  Our 3rd great therapeutic option coming soon, just in time for Winter. The Core Activation Therapy INFRABED is almost here featuring Far-Infrared and Amethyst Crystal Thermal Energy and its wonderful! Available in 3 sizes Single bed, Massage bed, and Mini Pod and ideal for home & clinic Warm that body to the Core this Winter  = Reduce Pain, Restore Functionality, Improve Circulation and Metabolism, Raise Core Temperature,  +++  A truly deep therapeutic activation Contact Paul Keetley 1300 305 107

Ask us about the ET Big 3 great Therapy Options including the new INFRABED

The Perfect Therapy for professional therapists wishing to add a General Wellness Room or Holistic Healing space to their therapy options.

Contact us at ENAR Therapy directly for any type of assistance like finding a good therapist, info, advice, training, service, warranty and its all FREE professional ongoing personal help and support – Don’t hesitate to phone us at Enlightened Therapies ENAR 1300 305 107.  

Wishing you  ‘Warm to the Core’ health and happiness


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NB. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.