Scenar Expert Pro Therapy is Non-Invasive

Scenar Pro Therapy is a very different type of  TENS electro therapy modality that is purposed for fast pain relief and to help restore functionality. Unlike conventional TENS,  Scenar Pro Therapy does not seek to just block pain signals, but interactively prompts normal nerve response. Unlike Acupuncture, Scenar Pro Therapy needs no needles, or knowledge of the meridians, because it actually locates and treats ‘key-points’ through the skin. Scenar Pro Therapy can be used with both in-built or remote electrodes and/or adhesive pads.

Scenar Expert Pro Therapy Is Interactive

Scenar Pro Therapy uses interactive ‘Reflex-Biofeedback’ to prompt pain relief outcomes and may be useful for painful injuries, painful musculo-skeletal dysfunction and painful physiological problems of many types. Essentially the Scenar Pro is a digital therapy device that works in a real-time ‘dialogue’ that creates a ‘Dynamic’, or change, in neuro response. The Scenar Pro signal is an intense, tall, bi-polar wave form that creates a response, and this response in turn creates change in the wave form. The rate and amount of change are both measured internally by the Scenar Pro which has a  variety of therapy options that measure out the amount of therapy on any particular point.

Scenar Expert Pro Therapy Summary

Scenar Pro Therapy is non-invasive, non-toxic, individually focused, easily delivered, Electronic Neuro Adaptive Regulation therapy. The Scenar Pro utilises very precise numeric read-outs to find, measure and monitor therapy. Scenar Pro Therapy is used for painful problems including post-op, palliative and aged care. In fact for almost any type of pain.

WHY Scenar Pro From Enlightened Therapies?

Enlightened Therapies (ET) are pioneers in research, training and product development and use only authentic ENAR and Scenar Pro technology products and the latest approaches in our training. The Scenar Expert Blue Pro is the world’s most preferred practitioner level device having superior ergonomics and a comprehensive range of treatment options.

ET are partners with SCENAR TRAINING (INTERNATIONAL), who are World leaders in both the traditional Russian approaches (Revenko etc), and the new German Raetzel Dynamic Approach, which utilises faster and more effective protocols for busy practitioners.

Training is available in small groups or even one-on-one. ET’s 2 year plus Warranty and Ongoing Free Service and Support are exceptional, and loan devices are supplied during repair.

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