Dr Gerd Raetzel

Master Scenar Pro and ENAR Therapy Trainer at ENLIGHTENED THERAPIES and SCENAR TRAINING (International) Therapist Conferences in Sydney

Dr Gerd Raetzel

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bio-medical engineer, Anatomical University lecturer, Scientist and Author of The Dynamic Raetzel Approach includes comprehensive understanding of ENAR and Scenar Pro Technology – Its interactivity and productivity.

  • RESULTS Focus – No Protracted / Complicated / Mysterious Protocols
  • REALISTIC and RELEVANT – Avge 96% Trainee Participant Ratings
  • PRACTICAL No Nonsense Approach – 80/20 Quintessential & Dynamic,
  • ENGLISH Speaking – Clear, Credible, Experienced, Professional,
  • IN HIGH DEMAND Internationally (Europe, Africa, Asia, US)
  • MOST POPULAR presenter at the European SCENAR Conference


Australasian PARTICIPANT RATINGS – average 96%

  • ‘Excellent presentation, must bring him back!’
  • ‘Very inspiring! Absolutely Fabulous! Too short!’
  • ‘Leading edge No B*S*.  Answers my questions’
  • ‘I feel all the (6) Scenar Pro courses I have done could be simplified into two’ (physiotherapist)

HELEN WEBB Participant Comments Video Clip