Electro Energetic Therapy (EET) is a broad field of medical therapy that includes areas like Electro Acupuncture Therapy in Eastern Energy Medicine, and the Electro Heart Defibrillator used in Western Emergency Medicine. Essentially all EET technologies seek to ‘reset’ the electro-energetic fields and flow within the body, its organs and physiological systems.

Essentially electrical voltage is applied through the skin to stimulate a response. SCENAR and ENAR are a very different type of EET in that they are interactive in operation, utilizing a ‘real time’ type of dialogue with the nervous system, that is designed to elicit and ensure a ‘dynamic’ or change in painful problematic areas.

With the Electro Energetic model of therapy, the body’s natural adaptive cycles of healing and homeostasis are restarted and normalized. In essence, it is understood that when the body fails to complete these ‘adaptive cycles’ it soon lapses into painful dysfunction, pathology and disease. Simply speaking, the body either fails to recognize it has a problem, or has the problem as a low priority (unfinished business), or it is unable to complete the adaptive cycle, due to insufficient resources (energy and nutrients)

By restarting and facilitating the regulation of nerve energy flow the adaptive cycle resumes and natural relief, recovery and healing may follow. This may be evident bio-chemically as a cascade of neuro-peptides and other healing hormones but the cause, as seen from the Electro Energetic viewpoint, is due to the restored flow of electricity, energy and information.

When ENAR type devices do work effectively, they restart the body’s ability to complete the natural adaptive processes, which are seen as the basis of relief, homeostasis and healing.

Dr Szent-Gyorgyi ,  a winner of two Nobel Prizes, asserts that:

“All of the body’s functions are directed, controlled and regulated by the flow of electricity. Health exists with a smooth flow of electrons.  Illness encroaches when the flow is restricted, and Death occurs when the energy transfer stops.”

Paul Keetley,  from Enlightened Therapies, suggests that:.

“ENAR and SCENAR Therapy, in principle, is somewhat like computers, or electrical wiring circuits. Its like pushing ‘restart’ when the computer crashes, or like resetting the electrical circuit breakers, so information and energy are restored and things can begin to work properly again.