Scenar Pro Level 3 Training

The Enlightened Therapies Approach for SCENAR Pro Level 3 Training [2011 edition] Upgraded to assist the therapist in treating embedded chronic and difficult painful conditions

ET’s Level Three 3-Day training includes the ET in-depth Manual and training in:

  1. GENERAL SCENAR THERAPY: Differential Algorithm, Small Crosses on the Spine, Vita 1, Vita 2, Autonomic Integration Protocol, Spinal Clearance
  2. CLEANSING TECHNIQUES:  Rhombus, Gua-Sa (Scraping), Localised therapies
  3. LOCAL TECHNIQUES: Maria & Michael, Galina – All Higher, Dynamic Cross
  4. CLEARING TECHNIQUES: Rachel’s Cross, Tatyana, Moulin Rouge, Wheel Cross, Dynamic Star, Blossom, Orion
  5. SPEEDING UP TECHNIQUES: British Dynamic Flag, Christmas
  6. ANS BALANCING TECHNIQUES: Parasympathetic. Opposite
  7. GENERAL TECHNIQUES: Helena, St Helena
  8. ENERGETIC TECHNIQUES: Large Front Star, Upper Front Star, Double Front Star, Star of David – different positions, Craniotherapy (Globe, Spiral, Local) Small Crosses Up the Spine, Energy Ellipses
  9. OTHER TECHNIQUES: Energetic Methods for Balancing, plus Serena Kaye Specialised SCENAR Practitioner Protocols and Techniques