Scenar Expert Pro (Blue Practitioner) Features

  1. Display of all current operating settings/readings
  2. Back-lit digital display
  3. Preset settings
  4. Stopwatch
  5. Power decreasing mode
  6. Several additional modes
  7. Two screening modes
  8. Two algorithms of dose


The  SCENAR Expert Blue Professional

The Blue Pro is digital, elegant and more ergonomic and with all that, still priced the same as the much older 97.4+.

  1. DISPLAY operating settings and readings in real time. Graphic display of the Initial Reaction IR and the Current Reaction CR dynamics and the velocity of its change (initial and ongoing coefficients).
  2. BACK-LIT DIGITAL DISPLAY with automatic or controlled functioning.
  3. PRESET SETTINGS for up to 5 different favourite programs which can be saved, such as commonly used; FmVar, High and then Low Frequencies and ‘Little Wings’ settings.
  4. STOPWATCH built-in and 5 min soundings
  5. POWER DECREASING MODE giving a special low minimal pulse energy that allows to stimulate for those who are very sensitive.
  6. SEVERAL MODES. One being time-dosed high-amplitude intensity which is a single packet of from 1 to 8 high amplitude impulses. Another is the BEE AM mode. This is useful in stubborn “Point of Pain” treatment and of course as an emergency setting. It is accessed through the Amplitude Modulation AM setting.
  7. TWO SCREENING MODES Diag 2 and 3 (Estimated electro-skin reaction values at time-dosed influence are displayed); useful in “cross on point’ pain technique and in measuring the electro conductivity of acupuncture points.
  8. TWO ALGORITHMS OF DOSE  Integral dose is used in the Russian traditional protocols, and Differential dose is similar to the ENAR Dose measurement.
  9.    NOBODY INDICATOR  Shows when a selected area is outside the measurable treatment perimeters and may indicate either very active or very inactive keypoints.

Technical Specs

  1. Impulse Frequency can be selected incrementally from 15 – 350Hz, with 9 device inbuilt presets at; 15Hz – 30Hz – 60Hz – 90Hz – 120Hz – 150Hz – 200Hz – 250Hz – 350Hz
  2. Frequency Modulation FM mode, the range is 30 to 120 Hz; modulating smoothly over a 12 second period; (FM Plus or Swing SW1)
  3. Swing Mode SW1 is a Pre-Set combination of Damping = V, and FM on +, and Intensity on 3, and Gap on V. Used widely in the Raetzel Dynamic Approach / rapid response method.
  4. Amplitude modulation AM Mode from 1 to 5 sec with the time gap of 1 sec (i.e., 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, and 5:1,   plus Bee);
  5. 4 Damping Modes and V of influencing pulse waveform modification (“damping” SK1 , SK2 . SK3 , SK4 and VAR);
  6. Variable pulse waveform VAR (variable damping VAR)
  7. Intensity Int mode (the signal influencing by impulse packets, the number of impulses in a packet is optional from 1 to 80) Useful for Acute Pain
  8. Duration of Gaps Z  optional gaps from 10 to 80 units between the impulses in each packet, includes a variable mode ie V.