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Scenar Reviews from Level 3 Training

Looking for feedback from other trainees? The Enlightened Therapies Approach for SCENAR Pro Level 3 Training [latest edition] has been updated to assist the therapist in treating embedded chronic and difficult painful conditions. If you are interested in learning more, read the following:

ET’s NEW Level Three 3-Day training includes the ET in-depth Manual … and has earned this praise from the participants:

  1. Alice NZ – For me Refresher Level Three – Wow what a great deal; New Tutor – New Content – New updated ‘Lease of Scenar enthusiasm!’.
  2. Allen – Well paced. Good balance of Theory and Practice. Excellent Integration with other information relevant to the protocols.
  3. Lisa – References to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Treatment tracking!!
  4. Sylvia – Time to see, hear, listen and Do! Well done. Enjoyable!

As you can see, the feedback is always very highly positive.  Theory and Practise are blended to create Scenar competence, confidence and ultimately credibility for our graduates as Scenar Expert Practitioners.

More Testimonials

I wish to thank Enlightened Therapies, Colleen Keetley and Serena Kay for the first class trainings in Scenar Pro Therapy. The attention to detail has been excellent and the information is very comprehensive. The excellent results that I am seeing in my practice, support their excellent training. Dr. Marilyn Golden



I have just completed my 3 day  Scenar Expert Pro Level One course and I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Colleen, who I was lucky enough to have as my instructor. She has made the learning easier and fun, and all questions, no matter how insignificant were address and explained in layman terms.

Having the basic knowledge of ENAR makes learning Scenar Pro so much more simplified, as the treatment is very similar but not as detailed. Therefore having the ENAR training background allows you to absorb the extra knowledge without the extra overload.

The Scenar Expert Pro Therapist three day course is intense, with lots to learn and remember. This course is well laid out and explained in detail. With the added advantage of the DVD to take home. Naturally practise, practise and more practise is what makes us all better therapists and I know that having this wonderful tool to assist me in helping my clients become pain free is of the upmost.

Kind Regards,  Judy Kirkpatrick Remedial Massage Therapist Gold Coast, Qld. Australia


And  these recent 2014 Level One Scenar Therapist Trainees all gave ten out of ten across the board:

 “10 out of 10 – The One-on-One explanation, demonstration, and practise – Mack.
“10 out of 10 – I find these trainings very effective, Thank you – Kerry.
“10 out of 10 – Very good training to enable my move to become a full time therapist.
The group being small made it easier to have a good dialogue between us – Mick
“10 out of 10 – Ease of training. Everything explained really well. Really enjoyed – Judy
“10 out of 10 – Thank you Colleen for a great, informative course. Well Done. – Tezz”


For more real reviews and further information, please feel free to contact us.

Of course there’s no end to Scenar Therapist references like this one for Sue Mison, super mum and super Scenar Pro TherapistPeta Davey Scenar Refence ‎