ARTG 101783

Relieve Pain &
Facilitate Function



Maximise the potential of your Scenar Pro device with a range of optional accessories.

New Accessories

ENAR Extension Handle

The ENAR Extension Handle is ideal for self treating the back, and other hard to reach areas. Simply open the arms into their lock out position, clip the ENAR into its place and start treating.


Scenar Pro Through-Hair Brush

The Scenar Pro  through-hair brush ensures excellent skin contact when working directly on the scalp or other areas where there may be abundant hair. The hairbrush is also used to treat animals.


Fine-Point Wand Probe

This very fine point electrode is perfect for getting into those ‘smile lines’, spots, wrinkles and other tight areas. However, the wand’s design means only for treating your self.


Y-Point Probe

The Y-probeis an invaluable accessory in treating around knuckles and other bony areas such as ankles. It is also widely used in cosmetology on the face, and will easily fit between and around toes and fingers.


ET Remote Face Probe

The ET Remote Probe is an extension electrode for wherever you need remote access. You can take IR’s – or – treat areas that may be more difficult to access – or – have the patients themselves deliver treatment to areas that are sensitive and/or may require privacy.


ET Acu-Point Probe

The ET Acu-Point Probe is an extension electrode for treating key-points and / or difficult access areas. Fully functional for IR and Dosing, yet very focused, so acupuncturists can use Scenar Pro with this probe to precisely treat meridians.


Pads – 8 reusable Pads

The Pads are reusable and their stickiness can be revived with just a drop of water. They are supplied in a pack of 8 pads for $25 and are useful in applying to any areas requiring ongoing and extended treatment.


2-Way Leads

The 2-Way Leads are useful in applying ongoing treatment to areas like the back, knees or shoulders, where you can ‘set the device and forget it’. With a device in a pocket, patients can enjoy a treatment whilst moving.


4-Way Leads

The 4-Way Leads are able to apply treatment to an even more dispersed area and are useful in energetic techniques where the goal is to lift overall energy. You can enjoy a lengthy treatment while going about other activities


NB. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.