Scenar Pro ­ ET expert Live Training 2016

Scenar Expert Blue Pro, the world's favourite true Scenar Practitioner device, has the very best Scenar Pro Certificate trainings again through 2015 around Australia and New Zealand. Enlightened Therapies initiated ENAR and Scenar Pro Therapy and Training by bringing to Australia the original English and Russian [...]

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Dr Gerd Raetzel – Master Scenar Pro Trainer

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bio-medical engineer, Anatomical University lecturer, Scientist and Author of The Dynamic Raetzel Approach RESULTS Focus ­No Protracted / Complicated / Mysterious Protocols REALISTIC and RELEVANT Avge 96% Trainee Participant Ratings PRACTICAL No Nonsense Approach ­ 80/20 Quintessential & Dynamic, ENGLISH Speaking Clear, Credible, [...]

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