Hi Colleen,

Dylan who is sixteen, injured his hand at Martial Arts twelve months ago. Someone accidentally trod on his hand during class and because his fingers were bent at the time, caused considerable damage. He couldn’t straighten his fingers and had many procedures to try to solve the problem. He had 5 MRIs, 2 X-rays, 2 EMGs, which meant he had to travel to Wollongong 9 times to see Specialists, and 3 times to Sydney. He was told he had Focal Dystonia and that it was incurable.

His Chiropractor suggested he come and have Sceanr Pro treatments with me to see if I could help.
I treated him on the 1st of August 2014, as the first photo shows and he couldn’t straighten his hand out. I treated his Central Nervous System, Cranial Therapy,and worked on his C7, T1 and T2, down his arm and hand.

The next two photos which where taken after the second treatment on the 7th of August 2014.The fact that he could straighten his hand after the Neurologist said his condition was incurable, was rewarding. I took a video after the second treatment and another one after the third treatment, his family is delighted with the result.

Sue Mison –  Scenar Therapist