Happy-New-Year-2015-flying-colorful-balloons Scenar Therapy Blue Expert Pro is specially packaged with ENAR, the research proven Scenar, in an exclusive therapist training and equipment package in 2015.

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Total Price $4990. Save $1650,  and receive World’s favourite Scenar Expert Blue Pro practitioner device with Level One Certificate Live Training, PLUS, the ENAR Therapy System device, with both ENAR Basic and ENAR Therapist Live Training Days.

The Scenar Expert Blue Pro is still the favourite SCENAR Expert device in the World. Favoured because of its more ergonomic shape and reliable warranty with ET’s free device replacement and support services. The Scenar Expert Blue Pro empowers you to precisely find, measure and treat complex and difficult cases. Enlightened Therapies developed world leading personalised practitioner training that incorporates the Raetzel Dynamic method in your Scenar Pro Level One Certificate Training.

The ENAR Therapy System, the World’s research proven Scenar device, is very powerful yet small and ideal to use as a massage style therapy device empowering both therapists and personal users to find and treat many types of painful, dysfunctional problems. ENAR Live Certificate Day 1 and Day 2 trainings are included in your Scenar Expert Blue Pro package and this ensures you are fully competent and confident in using the tactile and most effective treatment strategy.

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