My son Ryder was born 10th Feb and from two weeks on suffered from painful Colic. He’d scream in pain for hours on end, and draw his legs up in agony. Its an awful thing for a mother to watch. I tried every colic/wind drop available and four doctors all said “Its Colic. He will grow out of it”. Scenar Pro Therapist Sue treated Ryder 4 times over the space of 10 days. After the first treatment he was a completely different baby, so happy and so relaxed. He started to sleep well and having bowel movements daily, some days up to 4 times. Everybody who knows Ryder has commented on the change and how happy he was. I am so relieved I found something that worked. Thank you Sue for all you have done.

Happy baby equals happy mum equals happy home.

Chloe McLeod NSW