Scenar Pro Special Offer

Buy SCENAR Pro today, $4990, incl Certificate Pro Training and receive new ENAR Device ($990) + ENAR Training ($330) – FREE!

ET THERAPIST PACKAGE = SCENAR + ENAR + TRAINING – Extended, up to Christmas!

Pay $4990 for Scenar Pro device, receive Level One Certificate training

  • Plus also receive the new ENAR and ENAR Certificate training – FREE!
  • That’s a healthy saving of $1320 and puts your skill-set at the forefront.
  • Also empowers you to use / demonstrate ENAR Therapy as ET agent.
  • Learn and apply the most up-to-date ENAR + SCENAR Therapy protocols, including Dr Gerd Raetzel’s evolved Dynamic Approach using 2 devices.
  • Attend scheduled ENAR and Scenar Cert Trainings or in Small Groups
  • SCENAR Pro Training includes current Raetzel DVD Set Free of Charge